Today’s Recruiting Process

The cost of college is spiraling out of control while, at the same time, budget cuts continue to erode college athletic departments. With just those two obstacles alone, even the best of elite high school recruits are faced with an overwhelming task of trying to acquire a spot on a college squad. A student-athlete can easily become intimidated by the numerous steps needed to prepare as a future prospect. Only by having gone through the process from start to finish is one able to truly understand the level of commitment and blind persistence it takes to successfully secure a roster position at the next level.

To illustrate this point, look at the life of a college-bound student. He or she is dealing with college entrance exams, honors classes and community service projects. In addition, pressures on the field are mounting as practice and individual training sessions are increased, as is participation in games, tournaments and showcases. Now add to the mix something that is just as important and time consuming: the recruiting process, with its research, strategizing, and regular communication with numerous college coaches.

Any student-athlete preparing for the next level must walk through the recruiting process guided by a well thought-out plan. A superficial look at the whole course of action may reveal that academics and on-field performance are the only components to a successful recruiting equation. Many families, however, overlook an important aspect of the process… EXPOSURE. It is really quite simple: if a college coach doesn’t know who you are, regardless of how qualified academically and athletically you are, you cannot and will not be recruited.