Why Elite Scouting Network

At Elite Scouting Network, we understand the rigors of the recruiting process.

In fact, our mission is to confront many of the issues faced by today’s high school student-athletes. We use our personal, nation-wide network of college coaches to connect our qualified future recruits with institutions across the country while providing individual guidance throughout the recruiting process.

We are, in fact, very qualified to accomplish this mission. First, we have SUCCESSFULLY been through the process ourselves, so we know every advantage, every bump in the road. We have streamlined the process, in large part due to our own personal experiences. We also know the process from the other side: we have former college coaches on our staff who have sought to recruit the very best players for their programs. We have had years of experience connecting players to the next level, and, over the years, have established excellent working relationships with college coaches. We scrutinize and select to work with only the most academically prepared and athletically talented players, so college coaches have come to respect our opinion and go out of their way to solicit our input.

In short, we are good at what we do. Working hand in hand with our families, we guide them through the recruiting process. Communication takes a variety of forms: personal meetings, visitations during season/tournament games, phone conversations, and personal emails. In addition, we offer high school decision-making and college selection counseling. We also provide an attractive, professionally designed, interactive website, featuring a College-Fit Finder and printable, individual player profile pages that can be readily accessed by interested college coaches. Through this provided service, the EXPOSURE to college coaches and athletic programs is greatly enhanced.

We don’t just reach out to each individual family, we reach out to coaches in the same fashion. First, we determine what the recruit feels are preferences in terms of potential colleges and send individual emails to each of those coaches in the form of a “Target Email.” Next, we send out individual emails to each college that matches up with a student’s criteria- academic achievement, athletic ability, and desired location, for example, in the form of a “College-Matched Email.” As you can see, emails to coaches take on a personal touch. The above-mentioned forms of communication generate a level of interest on the part of the coach. To continue the EXPOSURE process, we send “Event Emails” to individual coaches regarding opportunities to see our clients in action at tournaments and showcases.